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Project Partner Software

Project Partner Software has been a joint project taken on by Boutique Brand Builders and JOD Interior Design.  This project is not only part branding but a complete office remodel.  We have changed everything starting with paint, whiteboards, window treatments, media, furniture, and branding.  Above is a picture of the two main branding changes.  1st we installed an 8' wide logo made out of 3/4" acrylic that was space 1 1/2" off the wall to give it a nice drop shadow.  2nd we wrapped the entire outside glass of the office, which is about 10,000 sq/ft, with an etched glass logo.  These changes have given the space a whole new feel as you enter the 7th floor of the Washington St. Deck downtown Athens.  These pictures do not represent the new window treatments still to be installed. 

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